The Essentials of CAGD

by Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford

published by AK Peters, Ltd. 2000
248 pages, ISBN: 1-56881-123-3


We are quite appreciative and rather pleased with the reviews and feedback of readers of The Essentials of CAGD. Below we list where reviews may be found, and we have supplied excerpts from a few reviews. Originals (or scanned originals) will be posted in the near future.

Review Excerpts:

Farin and Hansford offer an excellent resource for those who need to apply graphical methods to visual computing applications, such as CAD/CAM, .... The authors cover a very comprehensive set of important topics ..... The reader will find a very rich set of examples, figures, and explanations....

--F. H. Wild III
University of Rhode Island
in CHOICE Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
June 2001


... Despite its easy-to-understand and graphic-driven presentation style, this book actually covers most of the mature and relevant mathematical elements that one would expect to see in a typical, more advanced book on the topic of CAGD. This demonstrates that the authors have a profound mastery on the entire field of CAGD, as well as a unique skill to present abstract, oftentimes tedius mathematics intuitively. ...
I therefore strongly recommend this book to college students, graduate students, engineering practitioners, or anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive knowledge on geometric concepts, ....

--Hong Qin
Department of Comp. Sci.
State Univ. of NY at Stony Brook
in Computer Aided Design
Vol 35, 2003


This book does a really good job at presenting the concepts and methodologies of CAGD in a manner that is easy to learn from. You leave this book with a complete understanding of the how and why of the topics it presents. ...

--Brad Miller
June 2003

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