Practical Linear Algebra: A Geometry Toolbox, Third edition
Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, An A K Peters Book
ISBN: 978-1-4665-7956-9

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Table of contents and preface PLA_TOC_Preface.pdf 07/20/2013
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All chapters 09/14/2015
Chapter 1: Descartes' Discovery chap1.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 2: Here and There: Points and Vectors in 2D chap2.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 3: Lining Up: 2D Lines chap3.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 4: Changing Shapes: Linear Maps in 2D chap4.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 5: 2x2 Linear Systems chap5.pdf 09/14/2015
Chapter 6: Moving Things Around: Affine Maps in 2D chap6.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 7: Eigen Things chap7.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 8: 3D Geometry chap8.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 9: Linear Maps in 3D chap9.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 10: Affine Maps in 3D chap10.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 11: Interactions in 3D chap11.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 12: Gauss for Linear Systems chap12.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 13: Alternative System Solvers chap13.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 14: General Linear Spaces chap14.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 15: Eigen Things Revisited chap15.pdf 04/23/2015
Chapter 16: The Singular Value Decomposition chap16.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 17: Breaking It Up: Triangles chap17.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 18: Putting Lines Together: Polylines and Polygons chap18.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 19: Conics chap19.pdf 10/29/2013
Chapter 20: Curves chap20.pdf 10/29/2013