The Essentials of CAGD

by Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford

published by AK Peters, Ltd. 2000
248 pages, ISBN: 1-56881-123-3


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Lecture Slides Updated
Chapter 1    The Bare Basics 8/17/16
Chapter 2    Lines and Planes 8/17/16
Chapter 3    Cubic Bezier Curves 10/14/15
Chapter 4    Bezier Curves: Cubics and Beyond 4/28/15
Chapter 5    Putting Curves to Work 4/28/15
Chapter 6    Bezier Patches 07/30/22
Chapter 7    Working with Polynomial Patches 07/30/22
Chapter 8    Shape
                   Companion article on reflection lines
Chapter 9    Composite Curves 07/30/22
Chapter 10   B-spline Curves 4/28/15
Chapter 11   Working with B-spline Curves 07/30/22
Chapter 12   Composite Surfaces 7/16/18
Chapter 13   NURBS 4/28/15
Chapter 14   Hunting Geometry Bugs 4/28/15